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Get the most out of your savings with an advisor

Making your savings last and keeping your taxes low takes planning and attention. We can help you save time and earn more.

Why get advice from Vanguard Personal Advisor Services?

1. The reassurance you're doing everything you should

Saving money for retirement over the years may not have been easy, but it was probably relatively straightforward.

Spending your retirement money can be a lot more complicated—and it's important to make the right decisions that will help your savings last.

Your questions are as personal as you are and might include:

  • How can I generate income when bond yields are low?
  • Which should I withdraw from first—my IRA or my taxable account? Roth or traditional? Dividends or principal?
  • Should I buy an annuity? What kind?
  • How can I keep my taxes as low as possible?
  • What's the best way to leave money to my family and support causes that are important to me?

A Vanguard advisor will custom-develop a plan that's based on your personal goals and financial situation, and then guide and coach you as much as you want—giving you the confidence that you're doing all you can to reach your goals.

And because your advisor spends time getting to know you and your goals, you can trust that every decision will be made with your best interests in mind.

2. More money for retirement

Our advisors follow investing principles we've developed over the past 40 years. Research shows that an advisor who provides the below investment strategies and guidance can add meaningful value compared to the average investor experience.*

An advisor will:

Use low-cost investments to build your portfolio. Our advisors aren't paid extra to sell you investments you don't need. Instead, they'll choose a mix of low-cost, diversified stock and bond funds that keep more of your money working for you.

Minimize your taxes. The less you pay in taxes, the longer your money can last. That's why our advisors focus on withdrawing your retirement money in a way that keeps your taxes low.

Serve as an investing coach. During times when the market rises or falls, many people are tempted to abandon their carefully crafted investment plans. Our advisors serve as investing coaches and will help keep you on course.

What does advice cost at Vanguard?

Just as we reinvented investing with our low-cost mutual funds, we've reinvented retirement solutions—by giving you the chance to get customized advice at a low cost.

The annual cost for Vanguard Personal Advisor Services is only 0.30% of the assets you enroll. That's just $3 for every $1,000 enrolled.

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The interest and dividends generated by an investment.

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IRA (individual retirement account)

A type of account created by the IRS that offers tax benefits when you use it to save for retirement.

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Taxable accounts

Accounts that don't receive special tax treatment, so all interest, dividends, and capital gains are subject to taxation in the year they're received.

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Roth IRA

A type of IRA that allows you to make after-tax contributions (so you don't get an immediate tax deduction) and then withdraw money in retirement tax-free as long as you meet the requirements.

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The distribution of the interest or income produced by a mutual fund's holdings to the fund's shareholders.

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The amount of money originally put into an investment—i.e., the money in the account minus earnings.

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