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Investment account types

Saving for retirement?

Whether you're 25 or 55, saving now can help you enjoy a comfortable retirement. (Of course, the earlier you start saving, the better!)

The IRS made saving for retirement less taxing. Let Vanguard help you keep costs related to your investment accounts in check.

Saving for college?

You save on taxes while saving for a child's education. The student gets a degree with less debt.

The Vanguard 529 Plan offers a variety of low-cost investment alternatives. Compare our plan with your state's plan to see which one gets you the greatest benefit.

529 college savings plans

Explore the tax savings, potential for growth, and other benefits that 529 plans offer.

Other accounts for minors

Saving for something else?

Getting ahead of other expenses can help you achieve lifelong dreams and handle life's little surprises without accumulating debt.

Whether you're planning a big vacation, wedding, or home improvement project or just preparing for the unknown, we have other types of investment accounts to help you get ready.

Individual & joint accounts

Set aside money for other short- and long-term goals.

Time to put your retirement savings to use?

You worked hard to save money so you could downsize your professional life and dedicate more time to your personal life.

What's it like when every day feels like Saturday? What can you afford, and for how long? Here's how you can remain financially independent throughout your retirement years.