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Advice & guidance

Partner with a Vanguard advisor

Working with an advisor could help you earn more toward your goals. Get the personal attention you need—at the low cost you'd expect from Vanguard.

Working for your benefit

See what you get when you partner with a Vanguard advisor and how that advisor stays focused on you.

Getting started

Get answers to your questions and help with your enrollment ($50,000 minimum).

Investing goals

Whether you're working with an advisor or managing your own portfolio, the first question is always the same: What are you saving for?

Saving for retirement

Start early and save regularly to help secure your financial future.

Preparing to retire

Get a checklist of things to do in the few years before you retire.

Getting retirement income

Make the most of the money you worked so hard to save.

Saving for college

Find out how much you'll need and how to get started.

Planning for emergencies

Avoid dipping into your savings by building an emergency fund.

Saving for other goals

Set aside money for other big purchases you're anticipating.

Life events

Life takes both planned and unexpected turns. Is it time to take a fresh look at your finances?

Personal life

Getting married? Welcoming a new child? See how these and other events could impact your finances.

Work life

Starting a new job—or your own business? Put some of your income to work toward your investment goals.

Inheriting accounts

Has someone left you a Vanguard account? Find out how to transfer it into your name.

Other resources

Understand the basics of investing, use calculators and tools to help you make smart decisions, and find all the tax information and forms you need.

Investor education

Define your goals—then create a plan for achieving them.

Calculators & tools

Create or fine-tune your investment strategy.

Tax-filing information

File your taxes the right way, the first time.


Save your stamps—most forms can be completed online.

Naming beneficiaries

Protect your legacy—keep your designations up to date.