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Here’s everything you’ll need from Vanguard to file your taxes this year. 

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Get year-end fund distributions, details about government obligations, and more. 

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If you've made less than $10 in dividends during the year, Vanguard won't create this tax form for you.

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Yes. If you have an IRA with us, you can view your contributions and distributions to date right here.

Tax forms are provided on different dates. You can view our tax form schedule here.

You can learn more about costs basis here, including all the different methods Vanguard can calculate how much you've gained or lost on your investments.

Tax education center

Paying taxes on your investment income

How much will you owe? First, figure out what type of income you earned.

Tax-saving investments

Sometimes saving money on taxes is as easy as choosing the right types of investments.

Managing your accounts to lower taxes

If you own several types of accounts with differing tax treatment, you may have opportunities to reduce your tax bite. Here are 4 of them.