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Tax information for Vanguard funds

Here’s where you’ll find all the details about Vanguard funds to help you plan for and complete your taxes.
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What you'll need to plan for your taxes

Any taxable income and/or realized capital gains that were greater than the amounts distributed in December 2023 will be distributed in March 2024 as "supplemental" income dividends or capital gains distributions.

2024 Dividend schedule (PDF)

View a schedule for all the distributions happening with Vanguard funds this year.

What you'll need to complete your taxes

Tax information for 2023 will be available in January. We'll add the documents named below at that time.

Most often needed for taxable funds:

It's good to know the percentage of income your funds may have received from U.S. government bonds because that income is generally not taxed in most states.  

If you own a fund that includes foreign investments, the fund may have paid foreign taxes on the income, which is passed to you as a credit. You might be able to use this credit against taxes on those investments in the U.S. If your 1099-DIV shows an amount for a particular fund, learn how to calculate your credit so you don’t get taxed twice.

If your fund holds stock with a company, that company will often distribute dividends. If the company is a U.S. corporation, that dividend could be considered “qualified.” Qualified income is taxed at a lower rate. Knowing the percentages may help you lower your taxes.

Use this information to learn how to report your ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, and nontaxable distributions (return of capital) paid by Vanguard Real Estate Index Fund.

View qualified short-term capital gains for 1042-S reporting on applicable Vanguard mutual funds.

Most often needed for municipal bond funds:

If you own a Vanguard municipal bond fund, find out the percentage of dividends earned from each state. Knowing this information might save you money on your state tax return as most states don’t tax their own municipal bond distributions.

To help you prepare your state income tax return, we’re providing the percentage of federal tax-exempt interest income that’s subject to individual income tax in Utah for each Vanguard fund that invests in municipal bonds.

Download tax forms and view your personalized tax form schedule