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Why you might not receive Form 1099-DIV

And where to find your total distributions if you don't get the form.
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You'll need at least $10 in earnings

You'll get a 1099-DIV each year you receive a dividend distribution, capital gains distribution, or foreign taxes paid for your taxable investments.

But if the amount is less than $10 for the year, no 1099-DIV is sent.

But remember: You're still required to report that income to the IRS.

You'll only get it for certain account types

These accounts never generate a 1099-DIV:

  • IRAs and other tax-deferred retirement accounts.
  • Accounts registered to nonresident aliens, who receive Form 1042-S instead.
  • Exempt registrations, such as corporations, money purchase pension plans, profit-sharing plans, certain types of trusts, and charities.

You can always find your distribution information online

Even if you don't receive a 1099-DIV, you can find the tax-reporting information you need online, anytime.

Get details on your dividend and capital gains distributions

View your personal tax formsĀ 

View your personal tax formsĀ 

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