Social Security will be an important part of your retirement plan. Our new features explain everything you need to know, including how to maximize your Social Security benefits.

Maximizing your Social Security benefits

We can help you get the most from Social Security. After all, you've earned it.

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Planning for retirement

2 ways to use retirement money early
There are a couple ways to enjoy an early retirement—as long as you’re confident your financial situation allows for it! Take a look at some different ways to access your retirement money early.
Retiring? Plan for these 7 birthdays
7 important milestones to focus on as you approach retirement—don't miss any!
4 common retirement goals
Our road map to financial security can help give you reassurance that you’re on track to a successful retirement.
5 risks you face in retirement
Before you dive into retirement, consider what risks you might face and how you can prepare.
Fueling the FIRE movement: Updating the 4% rule for early retirees
With updates based on Vanguard’s principles of investing success, the 4% rule can help FIRE investors achieve success in retirement.

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