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Vanguard personal services—for high-net-worth investors

Flagship Services®

Flagship Services offers a high level of personal attention from Vanguard to help you reach your goals, make the most of your investments, and protect your wealth.

Investors with a minimum of $1 million in Vanguard assets*

  • Exceptional service from a personal representative who is your guide to all that Vanguard offers.
  • Consult with a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional if you have a specific investment question. Or, for a low fee, you can partner with a dedicated financial advisor who’s a CFP professional for ongoing advisory and portfolio management services.
  • Exclusive access to select Vanguard mutual funds that are closed to other investors. View our fund list
  • Savings on investing fees, including 25 commission-free trades for stocks, options, and non-Vanguard ETFs and transaction-fee funds. Plus you'll enjoy significant savings on other brokerage costs.** View our commission and fee schedule

Make a lasting charitable impact

Want a tax-effective way to consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to charity?

Vanguard Charitable—one of the largest charities in the United States—is proud to offer the highest value donor-advised fund, a claim backed by low all-in fees and a strong alignment with Vanguard's time-tested investment principles.

Craft your giving legacy with Vanguard CharitableOpen in a new window

Flagship Select Services™

Flagship Select is the most exclusive service we offer. You and your family will experience a close, personal relationship with us and have access to unparalleled services, insights, advice, and savings.

Investors with $10 million or more in Vanguard assets*

  • Exceptional service from a dedicated team of experienced professionals including a relationship manager and relationship administrator.
  • Consultations with CFP® professionals and trust specialists from Vanguard† and other experts on a variety of investing and wealth management topics—including family governance, estate planning, investment strategy and analysis, and family financial planning.
  • Access to Vanguard research and commentary that addresses the unique needs of ultra-high-net-worth clients. View our research and commentary
  • Invitations to private events in major U.S. cities to meet with senior officers from Vanguard, gain insights on market and economic trends, and network with other investors.
  • 500 commission-free brokerage trades,** plus free, personalized assistance from our Trade Desk professionals to help you conduct large or specialized brokerage transactions and find you the best possible execution price for your order.
  • The lowest possible pricing for mutual funds that we can offer—which may include Institutional Share classes—based on your aggregate assets.

And when you receive investing help from Vanguard, know that our professionals are salaried and don't receive commissions. So you can be confident that we'll make every decision with only your needs in mind.

*See what Vanguard assets qualify for personal services