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Complement your portfolio with stocks & ETFs

Looking to round out your portfolio? Stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may give you the market exposure you desire.

Find a stock or ETF

Customize your portfolio to suit your goals

Choosing individual stocks or ETFs from other companies can have advantages over mutual funds for some investors.

Control over investments

Taking a hands-on approach can give you better control of the investments in your portfolio.

Focus on certain companies or sectors

You have your eye on particular companies or industries.

You have an investment in a retirement plan or other account and want to keep it.

Opportunity for more reward

You'd like to boost your investment income with stock or ETF dividends.

You're willing to take on more risk in the hope of getting more reward.

Discover the advantages of investing at Vanguard Brokerage

For unbiased service, competitive commissions and fees, and high-quality trade executions, consider consolidating all your investments with Vanguard Brokerage.

Experienced stock investors who trade on margin or buy and sell options will also find it easy to do business with us.*

Evaluate stocks & ETFs from other companies

Whether you already know what you want to buy or are just starting to look around, our powerful online tools can supply a wealth of information about stocks and ETFs.

Get started

Once you've made your picks, it's easy to buy and sell online in your Vanguard Brokerage Account.

Are you paying too much for your ETFs?

The average Vanguard ETF® expense ratio is 74% less than the industry average.

Find out what sets Vanguard ETFs® apart

Enjoy some of the lowest costs in the industry, commission-free trades through Vanguard Brokerage,†† and fund management expertise when you invest in our ETFs.


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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

ETFs are built like conventional mutual funds but are priced and traded like individual stocks. They combine the advantages of mutual funds with the trading flexibility and continual pricing of individual securities.

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A trade that allows you to borrow a percentage of a stock's value from a broker to purchase that stock. If the stock's value drops substantially, you must deposit more cash in the account or sell a portion of the stock.

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A contract that gives you the right or obligation to buy or sell an underlying security at an agreed-upon price on or before a specific date.