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A simple but powerful way to trade. $0 commissions. That’s how we’ve built the Vanguard Brokerage Account - for you.

We strive to give you the best price on trades with:


Effective over quoted spread*

Effective over quoted spread (E/Q) is the industry measurement for trade quality. The lower the percentage, the better. We're constantly working to give you the best price on trades, and those efforts are reflected in our low E/Q.

What this means


Of Vanguard ETFs traded at midpoint**

A trade at the midpoint of the quoted spread is generally considered the best price available. We provided midpoint pricing on over 95% of Vanguard ETF trades.**

What this means


Savings per 100-share order

Competitive trades add up to real savings. On average, investors would have saved $2.31 for a 100-share order compared to the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO).** More shares mean more savings, with $23.10 for 1,000 shares.

What this means

View the quartely reports for Vanguard Brokerage Services™†

4 ways Vanguard Brokerage Services puts you first

Give you information designed to help you stay the course.

We provide all investors a long-term perspective and trading strategies to advance their goals.

How this benefits you: 

It helps you stay committed to the future you envisioned for your money.

Strive to get you the best price for your orders.

We route orders to the market centers that consistently execute at a price better than the national best bid and offer (NBBO).  We're never compensated for routing your orders to specific market centers.

How this benefits you: 

We don't have a financial incentive to encourage you to trade.

Offer world-class, carefully curated products and services.

We tie our product offerings to our mission. That's why we focus on high-quality, low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, and more.

How this benefits you: 

You'll gain exposure to products that have enduring investment merit, not pushed toward the flashy trends.

Help you minimize trading costs and taxes on stocks and ETFs.

We offer $0 commission on stocks and ETFs traded online. To keep taxes low, you can easily trade within your IRA or use first-in, first-out accounting.

How this benefits you: 

You enjoy low costs across the board—we don't raise costs someplace else to make up the difference.

Not sure where to start? Try our investor quick start tool to see what’s best for your investment journey.