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Investing in retirement

You've worked so hard to save, and now you're finally retired. With the right strategy, you can help make sure your retirement savings last.
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1. Calculate the approximate amount you'll need each year

Start by calculating your expenses and your expected income from other sources. The difference between these amounts is what you'll need to cover with your retirement savings.

Calculate your retirement expenses

Calculate your retirement income

2. Determine whether you can safely withdraw this amount

You'll want to make sure your savings can safely sustain your spending over the next few decades. See what your chances are of making your portfolio last, given your personal asset mix and time frame.

See how to make your withdrawals last through retirement


Wondering how to invest now that you're retired? The answer's pretty easy.

For most people, your investing approach in retirement should be the same as it was all along—to determine an appropriate asset mix and then stick with it.

That means you need a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, and cash investments that:

  • Is appropriate for your timeline (usually 30 to 40 years).
  • Meets your tolerance for risk.

This approach will generally give you the mix of growth and income that you need in order to meet your spending needs and sustain your portfolio over the long run.

3. Decide which accounts to withdraw from first

By the time you retire, you'll likely have multiple accounts to withdraw from—along with sources of income like RMDs and fund distributions. Here's a tax-efficient way to use your money.

Find out how to set up your withdrawals


The last few years before retirement are critical to reaching your goal. We can tell you whether you're doing the right things.

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