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See how other companies' funds can work for you

More choice. More control. Your Vanguard Brokerage Account opens the door to a wide variety of mutual funds—many without commissions—from hundreds of companies.

Use our search tools to find mutual funds from other companies

Use this tool if you know a fund's name or ticker symbol.

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Get more investment flexibility

While Vanguard offers a robust lineup of mutual funds, you may find that funds from other companies can also suit your goals if you:

  • Want to invest in mutual funds from other companies that you don't currently own.
  • Own mutual funds somewhere else and want to keep all your investments in one place.

Count on Vanguard Brokerage for all your investing needs

By consolidating your investments with us, you can simplify your portfolio management, enjoy competitive commissions and fees, and benefit from our huge selection of mutual funds from other companies.*

Evaluate mutual funds from other companies

We offer a wide variety of mutual funds from other companies, including no-transaction-fee (NTF) and transaction-fee (TF) mutual funds—many without commissions.

The choices may seem overwhelming, but you can rely on our online tools to help you sort out the details and find the right investment.

Ready to start investing?

When you're ready to invest, it's easy to buy and sell online.

Vanguard mutual funds can lower your investing costs

Our low-cost, no-load funds can help you get the most for your money, diversify your investments, and reduce your investing risks.

Find out what sets Vanguard ETFs® apart

Enjoy some of the lowest costs in the industry, commission-free trades through Vanguard Brokerage,* and fund management expertise when you invest in our ETFs.


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No-transaction-fee (NTF) funds

No-transaction-fee (NTF) funds are exactly that—funds with no transaction fees. While NTF funds do not carry a service charge they may incur redemption fees. See the Vanguard Brokerage Services commission and fee schedules for more information.

You'll also pay any short-term redemption fees charged by the outside fund family. View a fund's prospectus for information on redemption fees.

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Transaction-fee (TF) funds

You'll pay a brokerage commission when you buy or sell transaction-fee (TF) funds.

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Load funds

Load funds have no transaction fees; the fund company, however, may charge a sales fee ("load") when you buy or sell the fund. Please review a fund's prospectus to find out each fund's load.

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Load-waived funds

Load-waived funds have no transaction fees. The sales fee ("load") that the fund company normally charges is waived for Vanguard clients based on special arrangements we negotiate with the other fund company.