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Maximize your cash potential

Your investment could help your savings grow faster. Let your money work harder for you and start saving for unexpected expenses, a down payment on a car, or other short-term goals today.

Reduce market risk

With cash investments, you can invest your money with less risk than with stock or bond funds.

Easy access to your cash

As our most liquid investment option, money market funds allow you to easily transfer money between your bank and Vanguard accounts.

Earn income on your savings

Whether the money you set aside is for emergency savings or a big vacation, you still have the potential to earn interest while reducing market risk.

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What’s the right emergency fund amount?

What's the right emergency fund amount?

Avoid these 5 ways to pay for emergencies

Avoid these 5 ways to pay for emergencies
When you need the money fast, you might be able to come up with several ways to get it. But they may not be the smartest solutions.

What are money market funds?

What are money market funds and how do they work?
Money market funds can give you the opportunity to get a better return on your cash, including your emergency fund, money sitting in a savings account, or a spending fund.

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