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Calculators & tools

Want to do some research on your own? Get help with anything from honing in on an investment to setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement.

Tax-filing information

Find everything you need to help you file your taxes the right way, the first time, whether you're doing it yourself or using an accountant.

Find the numbers you need

You'll probably need a few pieces of data to fill in the blanks on your tax form.

Turn a refund into savings

Spending that refund is tempting. Giving it a chance to grow could be even more rewarding.


Open a new account, change your address or phone number, change owners on your account, and more. Most forms can be completed online.


Designating your beneficiaries is an important part of estate planning. We'll help you make careful decisions.


If a loved one has left you a Vanguard account, we'll help you transfer the account into your name.