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Investment calculators & tools

Changes coming soon

We're working on updates that will reflect changes made by the SECURE Act. In the meantime, some of the details on this page may not be accurate. We also recommend that you consult a qualified tax advisor about your personal situation.

Analyze investments

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can make smarter financial decisions with these investing calculators and other resources.

Compare investments

View funds side by side to see a truer picture.

Screen & analyze

Find more ways to make informed investing decisions.

Create a retirement plan

Are you striving toward retirement, approaching its door, or already inside? These tools can lend a hand, at any stage of retirement planning.

Build for retirement

Clear up some of the fog around planning for a retirement that's years ahead.

Prepare to retire

Know more about what to expect as you leave your full-time working days behind.

Create a plan for education savings

Ready to map out a way to meet education expenses? You'll get some ideas here.

Find a saving method

Do your homework. Search for the plan with the best benefits for you and your child.

Keep taxes to a minimum

Count on more for education when you don't have to hand as much to Washington.