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Investment calculators & tools

Analyze investments

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can make smarter financial decisions with these investing calculators and other resources.

Compare investments

View funds side by side to see a truer picture.

Screen & analyze

Find more ways to make informed investing decisions.

Create a retirement plan

Are you striving toward retirement, approaching its door, or already inside? These tools can lend a hand, at any stage of retirement planning.

Build for retirement

Clear up some of the fog around planning for a retirement that's years ahead.

Prepare to retire

Know more about what to expect as you leave your full-time working days behind.

Create a plan for education savings

Ready to map out a way to meet education expenses? You'll get some ideas here.

Find a saving method

Do your homework. Search for the plan with the best benefits for you and your child.

Keep taxes to a minimum

Count on more for education when you don't have to hand as much to Washington.