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Our advisors put your interests first

Count on us every step of the way—from creating your plan through your retirement years. Our advisors are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

We listen to what you want

We listen to your needs, develop a personalized plan based on your unique financial situation, and invest your portfolio using our time-tested investment strategies.

Here's how we'll partner with you

We will:

  1. Get to know you, your goals, and your unique financial situation.
  2. Partner with you to create a custom-tailored financial plan featuring low-cost Vanguard funds.
  3. Put your plan into action and invest your portfolio—making sure you remain engaged when you want to be.
  4. Work with you to keep track of your plan's progress.
  5. Rebalance your portfolio as necessary and partner with you to revise your plan when important changes in your life occur.

See how it works

You'll have access to a new web experience developed exclusively for Vanguard Personal Advisor clients. You can view all of your accounts enrolled in the service, see how your investments are performing, check your progress toward your goals, and more—all online, anytime you want.

Take a few minutes to view this video to learn more about how it can help give you the best chance for investment success.

Enjoy convenient access to a Vanguard advisor

Once you're enrolled, you can call or email a Vanguard advisor at your convenience. And with our easy-to-use videoconferencing service, you can also video chat with an advisor from the comfort of your own home. Simply schedule an appointment online, anytime.

A screenshot of our easy-to-use videoconferencing service.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®

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Here's how Vanguard Personal Advisor Services works

Introducing Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®

Visual: The words "Introducing Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®" appear on a white

We’ve designed a new financial advice service to serve you better. Here's how it works.

Visual: Vanguard Personal Advisor Services web page samples are displayed.

You partner with a Vanguard advisor to help you develop a financial plan to reach your goals.

A Vanguard advisor starts by getting to know you and your unique financial situation.

Visual: Sample financial goals, represented as icons, of saving for a house, college, and retirement connect to a timeline of future years as a slider moves across each goal.

Then the advisor partners with you to create a custom-tailored plan just for you.

Visual: Images of a sample financial plan that includes a goal analysis page displaying account balances and a detailed goal analysis with pie charts of current and recommended investments in stocks and bonds.

Once you agree to the final plan, the advisor puts it into action and starts to build your portfolio with a mix of low-cost diversified stock and bond investments based on your goals.

Visual: Pie charts of stock and bond allocations using colors and a key to describe the different holdings appear as follows: Pie chart of different stock funds rolls in from the right and the pie chart of different bond funds rolls out from behind the stocks pie chart. Then the two pie charts morph into a single pie chart of a custom portfolio.

You can track all of your investments in one place.

Visual: Total dollar amount of assets in a sample portfolio including sub-totals by the following categories: Managed by Vanguard, Self-managed at Vanguard, and Outside investments.

You can review your portfolio and your goals online any time.

Visual: Example of a portfolio web page.

Get a snapshot of your total portfolio.

Visual: Scrolls down an example of the total portfolio web page.

See how your investments are performing.

Visual: Cursor moves to click an example of a performance web page displaying portfolio balances and returns over a time graph.

Keep an eye on your progress toward your goals.

Visual: Cursor moves to click an example of a goal outlook web page displaying the likelihood of success in a graph and by percentage.

And you can check it all out from any device.

Visual: Images of computer monitor, tablet, and smartphone.

A Vanguard advisor reviews and rebalances your portfolio on a regular basis to keep you on course to meet your goals.

Visual: Pie chart of portfolio's current asset allocation rebalancing itself to the target asset allocation.

And you'll receive progress reports every quarter.

Visual: An example of a quarterly progress report featuring the following sample pages: Moving front and center, an update from your advisor shows a summary of your portfolio's activity followed by a single goal summary page moving front and center, showing its performance and balance activity.

You can call or e-mail a Vanguard advisor at your convenience. And with our easy-to-use videoconferencing service, you can video chat with an advisor from the comfort of your own home.

Visual: Example of a static web page displaying a video conference with an advisor and a client.

Partnering with a Vanguard advisor can help give you greater confidence that you're doing all you can to reach your goals.

Visual: Sample financial goals represented as icons, of saving for a house, college, and retirement on a timeline of future years. Slider moves across each goal checking the boxes above it until reaching retirement where that goal icon changes from gray to green.

And just as you'd expect from Vanguard, you get it all at a low cost.

Visual: The words "You get it all at a low cost" appear on a white background.

Get started today.

Visual: The words "Get started today. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services" appear on a white background.