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Introducing Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

We've reinvented personal financial advice to help you earn more over time and pay less when you partner with a Vanguard advisor.

Advice reinvented

Nearly 40 years ago, we changed the investment world by offering low-cost investing and helped investors keep more of their money. Now we've reinvented financial advice by combining the personal attention of an advisor with powerful technology—all at a low cost.

Why you should partner with a Vanguard advisor

Your investment goals are as personal as you are. And although identifying your goals is a great start, getting there is another story. Whether you're investing for retirement, living in retirement, or saving for a college education, a home, or other goals, a Vanguard advisor can help you with financial planning and investment advice.

Your partnership with a Vanguard advisor is at the heart of our service. An advisor works closely with you to develop a customized goals-based financial plan according to your unique situation—and can manage your portfolio throughout your retirement years.

Here's how Vanguard Personal Advisor Services can help you

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