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Most common questions investors ask about Vanguard advice


How much does Vanguard advice cost?

With Vanguard Personal Advisor Services, you'll pay 0.30% of assets under management. That's less than one-third the industry average of 1.02%* for a service that includes a financial advisor, a customized goals-based financial plan, and ongoing investment advice.

Why should I pay for Vanguard advice?

A Vanguard personal financial advisor can help you feel confident that you're doing all you can to reach your financial goals—from building your portfolio to managing it.

How do I know if Vanguard advice is right for me?

If you're not sure about your investing choices or if you need more than just occasional help, then Vanguard Personal Advisor Services may be the answer. You'll benefit from ongoing investment advice based on our time-tested investment principles and the value a Vanguard advisor adds by serving as your investing coach—all at a low cost.

How do I know if a Vanguard advisor will look out for my best interests?

Vanguard advisors pledge to put you first in everything they do. They listen to your needs and develop a personalized financial plan based on your unique situation. And they're completely dedicated to helping give you the best chance for investment success.

Can I do it on my own without a Vanguard advisor?

There are several steps involved in building and managing your own portfolio. Here's what you'd have to do: Develop a financial plan based on your goals, construct a portfolio with a suitable mix of low-cost stock and bond funds based on your time horizons and risk tolerance, regularly review your portfolio and rebalance it as necessary, stick to your plan even during times of market turbulence, and create a strategy to limit the taxes you pay.

What's the minimum investment for Vanguard advice?

Our minimum is $50,000, while many other investment advisors require $500,000 or more in assets under management for a comparable service. Your advisor will use low-cost Vanguard funds, and fund minimums are waived for you.

What financial paperwork do I need before I call?

To learn about how Vanguard Personal Advisor Services can help you, you don't need much to get started. Just tell us about your investment objectives for retirement, college, or other goals, including your timeline for each one. Then let us know an estimate of your income and spending needs. We'll walk you through how the service works, learn about your risk tolerance, and answer all your questions. And when you're ready, we'll gather more detailed information to customize your financial plan and build your portfolio based on your unique situation.

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