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What is a Medallion signature guarantee?

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Certain formal documents require a Medallion signature guarantee (MSG), which authenticates your signature, and ensures you have the legal authority and capacity to sign.

You can typically obtain an MSG from a bank officer, trust company, or member of the U.S. stock exchange. (A notary public cannot provide an MSG.) The financial institution that provides the guarantee assumes liability for any forged or unauthorized signatures.

How do I know if I need an MSG for my transfer?

You should contact your other firm to see if they require an MSG for transfer paperwork. You may need an MSG if:

  • Your other firm your firm may not be enrolled in an electronic service for investment transfers.
  • You're transferring between unlike account types. (For example, you're moving assets from a joint account to an individual account.)
  • Your name on your Vanguard account is not an exact match to the name registered on the account at your other firm.

What do I do after I’ve obtained an MSG?

Once you've completed your form, mail it to Vanguard using the address provided. Don't forget to include a recent account statement from your other firm, dated within the last 90 days.