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How do I buy a Vanguard mutual fund online?

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Step 1

From the Vanguard homepage, search "Buy funds" or go to the Buy funds page. After you log in, you'll see the page below. Scroll to find the account that you'd like to use for your purchase and then select that account.

Step 2

Select the checkbox next to an existing fund. If you are not buying a new fund, skip ahead to Step 5. If you are buying a new fund, choose the checkbox next to Add another Vanguard mutual fund.

Step 3

Once you select a checkbox, a textbox will appear below it. Enter the information for the fund that you'd like to buy. You can type the fund name, fund ticker symbol, or fund number.

Step 4

When you enter fund information in the text box, fund choices will appear. Select the fund you want to buy.

Step 5

Enter the dollar amount that you want to purchase into the textbox next to the fund, then click Continue.

Step 6

At the top, right hand side of the page, expand the dropdown menu. Select the funding method for the purchase and then click Continue.

Step 7

On the Review and submit page, review the details of your transaction. When you're ready to proceed with your purchase, click Submit. You'll be taken to a Confirmation screen that will show the details of your transaction.