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Will I pay any fees for my transfer?

Vanguard doesn't charge any transfer fees. However, you'll need to contact your current financial firm to see if it charges transfer fees for closing an account.

If you want to move money from a CD (certificate of deposit) that's held in a bank account and the CD hasn't yet reached its maturity date, check with your firm to see if you'll be charged any withdrawal fees or penalties. Bank CDs will be liquidated at the time of the transfer to a Vanguard account.

Vanguard Brokerage doesn't charge a fee when you open an account, although there's an annual account service fee of $20 if the total of your Vanguard assets (Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs) is less than $10,000. You can also avoid this fee if you elect e-delivery of statements, annual notices, and other materials.

Check the Vanguard Brokerage commission & fee schedules for more about commissions and fees.