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Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®

Advice for real life

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services combines the best of high-touch and high-tech to help you with your real-life investing needs.

Why partner with a Vanguard advisor

Whether your investing strategies include retirement planning, tax and estate planning, or gifting and transitioning wealth, a Vanguard advisor can help you with your personal financial planning and ongoing investment advice. We've been offering investment advisory services to high-net-worth clients for nearly two decades.

Vanguard advisors put your interests first

Your partnership with a Vanguard advisor is at the heart of our service. You'll receive a high level of personal attention from a senior financial advisor, who's a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. Our advisors are salaried, so they don't receive incentives for their recommendations or for selling you investment products or services. Your advisor begins by spending whatever time is necessary getting to know you and listening to your needs.

Get a customized portfolio and plan

Based on your discussions, your advisor will determine an appropriate asset allocation, which generally includes a suitable mix of broadly diversified stock and bond funds, and cash investments. Then your advisor will recommend your sub-asset allocation mix, or how your assets are divided within your stock and bond allocations. This may include allocating your assets in growth and value stock funds and taxable or tax-exempt bond funds with varying maturities, in both domestic and international markets.

After developing an asset allocation strategy based on your unique financial situation, your advisor will partner with you to create a custom-tailored financial plan.

Financial plan

When your asset allocation and sub-asset allocation are finalized, your advisor will analyze your portfolio. Before deciding whether to sell any your current assets, your advisor will carefully consider your personal investment preferences, your past diversification strategy, and the tax implications of rebalancing your portfolio to the recommended targets. Then your advisor will work closely with you to develop the most tax-efficient way to maximize your long-term performance. Your advisor will:

Portfolio summary web page

Put your plan into action and manage your portfolio, allowing you to be as involved as you want to be.

Goal outlook web page of

Work with you to keep track of your plan's progress.

Videoconference screen sample

Rebalance your portfolio as necessary and partner with you to revise your plan when important changes in your life occur.

See how an advisor adds value

Our research shows that an advisor who provides the below investment strategies and guidance can add meaningful value compared to the average investor experience.* For example, your advisor will:

Serve as your investing coach

When the market rises or falls, it's easy to be tempted to abandon a well-thought-out plan. An advisor acts as an investing coach to help an investor stick to the plan.

Build your portfolio with low-cost funds

Our research suggests that lower-cost investments have tended to outperform higher-cost alternatives. That's why an advisor will build a portfolio with low-cost funds.

Minimize your taxes

An advisor can help minimize an investor's tax burden in two ways: first, by efficiently allocating assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts; and second, when the time comes to withdraw money by developing a tax-smart distribution plan.

Vanguard advisors follow these practices

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services is designed to leverage these investing principles. Our financial advisors are trained to follow these practices to help you reach your financial goals.

See how Vanguard Personal Advisor Services works

Take a few minutes to watch this video and see to how our new advice service can help give you the best chance for investment success.

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Enjoy a full range of financial planning services

Your advisor can provide access to the appropriate resources and will partner with you and any professionals like your attorney and accountant, to help you develop financial, income tax, and estate planning strategies.

Financial planning

  • Asset-growth strategies.
  • College saving guidance, including 529 plans.
  • Life insurance needs.
  • Distribution options in retirement.

Income tax planning

  • Survey of the tax impact from the sale of portfolio assets.
  • Tax-loss harvesting.
  • Roth conversion evaluation.
  • Alternative minimum tax review.
  • Stock option planning.
  • Net unrealized appreciation analysis.
  • Social Security education and strategies.
  • Long-term care needs and options.

Estate planning

  • Estate plan analysis and education.
  • Estate tax reduction strategies.
  • Gifting strategies.
  • Consultations with your attorney.
  • Financial education for future generations.

Keep more money working for you

You'll have more money working to your advantage with our low costs. You'll get the benefit of a senior financial advisor, a customized financial plan, ongoing portfolio management, and more—all for an annual cost of no more than 0.30% of your assets under management. For our low advisory fees on assets of $5 million and above, see the fee chart below. Here's an example of how fees are calculated.

Annual fee schedule




On assets below $5 million




On assets from $5 million to below $10 million




On assets from $10 million to below $25 million




On assets of $25 million and above


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Potentially earn up to 1.50% more with an investing coach

A Vanguard study of client behavior found that investors who deviated from their initial retirement fund investment trailed the target-date fund benchmark by 1.50%. This suggests that the discipline an advisor provides could be the largest potential value-add to the average investor.

Read the complete research paper to learn more PDF

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Potentially earn up to 0.45% more with low-cost funds

Cost-effective implementation of an investment portfolio is based on simple math. Every dollar paid for management fees, trading costs, and taxes is a dollar less of potential return for you. Based on measuring the asset-weighted expense ratio of the entire mutual fund and ETF industry, our research found that an investor could save from 0.35% to 0.46% annually by moving to low-cost funds.

It's important to note, too, that the potential increase in net returns has nothing to do with market performance. When you pay less, you keep more, regardless of whether the markets move up or down. In fact, in a low-rate environment, costs are even more important because the lower the returns, the higher the proportion that's consumed by fund expenses.

Read the complete research paper to learn more PDF

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Potentially earn up to 1.45% more with tax-smart planning strategies

Our research shows that constructing a portfolio holding tax-efficient broad-market stock investments in taxable accounts and taxable bonds in tax-advantaged accounts can minimize taxes and add up to 0.75% of additional net return in the first year, without increasing risk.

Our research also shows that tax-smart withdrawal strategies can add up to 0.70% of average annualized value without any additional risk. Here's how: An advisor can help minimize the total taxes paid over the course of retirement by following this withdrawal order: required minimum distributions (mandated by law for investors age 70½ or older who own assets in tax-deferred accounts), followed by dividends and interest on assets held in taxable accounts, taxable assets, and finally tax-advantaged assets.

Once the order of withdrawals among taxable and tax-advantaged accounts is determined and its tax impact fully considered, the next step is to identify which assets to sell to meet spending needs.

Read the complete research paper to learn more PDF

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Potentially earn up to 0.35% more when you regularly rebalance

Our research has shown an advisor can help an investor add about 0.35% in net portfolio returns in a 60% stock/40% bond portfolio when it's rebalanced annually versus the same portfolio when it's not rebalanced.

Historically, rebalancing opportunities have occurred when the difference between the returns of stocks and bonds is large. Whether in bull or bear markets, reallocating assets from the better-performing asset class to the worse-performing ones feels counterintuitive to the average investor. We found that an advisor can provide the necessary discipline to rebalance when it's needed most.

Read the complete research paper to learn more PDF

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Here’s how Vanguard Personal Advisor Services works

Introducing Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®

Visual: The words "Introducing Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®" appear on a white

We’ve designed a new financial advice service to serve you better. Here's how it works.

Visual: Vanguard Personal Advisor Services web page samples are displayed.

You partner with a Vanguard advisor to help you develop a financial plan to reach your goals.

A Vanguard advisor starts by getting to know you and your unique financial situation.

Visual: Sample financial goals, represented as icons, of saving for a house, college, and retirement connect to a timeline of future years as a slider moves across each goal.

Then the advisor partners with you to create a custom-tailored plan just for you.

Visual: Images of a sample financial plan that includes a goal analysis page displaying account balances and a detailed goal analysis with pie charts of current and recommended investments in stocks and bonds.

Once you agree to the final plan, the advisor puts it into action and starts to build your portfolio with a mix of low-cost diversified stock and bond investments based on your goals.

Visual: Pie charts of stock and bond allocations using colors and a key to describe the different holdings appear as follows: Pie chart of different stock funds rolls in from the right and the pie chart of different bond funds rolls out from behind the stocks pie chart. Then the two pie charts morph into a single pie chart of a custom portfolio.

You can track all of your investments in one place.

Visual: Total dollar amount of assets in a sample portfolio including sub-totals by the following categories: Managed by Vanguard; Self-managed at Vanguard: and Outside investments.

You can review your portfolio and your goals online any time.

Visual: Example of a portfolio web page.

Get a snapshot of your total portfolio.

Visual: Scrolls down an example of the total portfolio web page.

See how your investments are performing.

Visual: Cursor moves to click an example of a performance web page displaying portfolio balances and returns over a time graph.

Keep an eye on your progress toward your goals.

Visual: Cursor moves to click an example of a goal outlook web page displaying the likelihood of success in a graph and by percentage.

And you can check it all out from any device.

Visual: Images of computer monitor, tablet, and smartphone.

A Vanguard advisor reviews and rebalances your portfolio on a regular basis to keep you on course to meet your goals.

Visual: Pie chart of portfolio's current asset allocation rebalancing itself to the target asset allocation.

And you'll receive progress reports every quarter.

Visual: An example of a quarterly progress report featuring the following sample pages: Moving front and center, an update from your advisor shows a summary of your portfolio's activity followed by a single goal summary page moving front and center, showing its performance and balance activity.

You can call or e-mail a Vanguard advisor at your convenience. And with our easy-to-use videoconferencing service, you can video chat with an advisor from the comfort of your own home.

Visual: Example of a static web page displaying a video conference with an advisor and a client.

Partnering with a Vanguard advisor can help give you greater confidence that you're doing all you can to reach your goals.

Visual: Sample financial goals represented as icons, of saving for a house, college, and retirement on a timeline of future years. Slider moves across each goal checking the boxes above it until reaching retirement where that goal icon changes from gray to green.

And just as you'd expect from Vanguard, you get it all at a low cost.

Visual: The words "You get it all at a low cost" appear on a white background.

Get started today.

Visual: The words "Get started today. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services" appear on a white background.

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How fees are calculated

In the below example, the blended fee for a $16 million portfolio would be 0.19%

Annual fees are calculated on a sliding scale. Here’s how much you would pay for the year.

0.30% on assets below $5 million



0.20% on assets from $5 million to below $10 million



0.10% on assets from $10 million to below $16 million



Total annual fee