Financial advice that puts you first

With Personal Advisor, you'll get access to an advisor who focuses on your needs. Our advisors are fiduciaries, and they don't earn commissions—so you can trust they'll always put your interests first. You get advice that's tailored to your unique goals and based on Vanguard's time-tested investment strategies. They'll help you stay on track for the long term.

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Personal financial advice is now more important than ever

High-touch service at a low cost

The minimum investment for access to an advisor is $50,000. Those with $500,000 and above will receive a dedicated advisor. When you have questions, you always get 1:1 advice—just call, email, or schedule a video chat with your advisor.1

Our only interest? Your financial interest.

As fiduciaries, our advisors always put your interests first. And since Vanguard is investor-owned, we can stay focused on lowering investment costs, so you can keep more of your returns.2

Advice to help you reach your goals

Your advisor can look beyond your portfolio, using strategies like Social Security optimization, tax efficient investing, long-term care planning, and more to develop a plan for your complete financial picture.

Advisors who put your interests first

Our advisors are salaried and don’t make commissions. They have no financial incentives to recommend certain products and will always put your goals first.

Financial advice to help you reach your goals

You get advice tailored to your unique goals and investing timeline. We'll partner with you to review your current financial picture, assess your risk tolerance, and recommend investments based on Vanguard's time-tested strategies.

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Tim Buckley
Vanguard Chairman and CEO

We at Vanguard believe in the value of advice and of advisors, especially during times of uncertainty or volatility, as we're experiencing now... [I]t can be psychologically difficult to weather market swings, and this is where financial advice and an advisor can help by setting a plan and helping investors stick to it.

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1The services provided to clients will vary based upon the service selected, including management, fees, eligibility, and access to an advisor. Find VAI’s Form CRS and each program’s advisory brochure here for an overview.

2Vanguard is investor-owned, meaning the fund shareholders own the funds, which in turn own Vanguard.

All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

We recommend that you consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual situation.

Vanguard’s advice services are provided by Vanguard Advisers, Inc., a registered investment advisor.

The services provided to clients who elect to receive ongoing advice will vary based upon the amount of assets in a portfolio.

VAI is a subsidiary of The Vanguard Group, Inc., and an affiliate of Vanguard Marketing Corporation. Neither VAI nor its affiliates guarantee profits or protection from losses.

If you’re outside the U.S.:

Vanguard Personal Advisor isn’t available outside the U.S. If you’re not a U.S. resident, please visit our website for Non-U.S. Investors for more information about products and services available to you.