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Put the Vanguard advantage to work for you

Consolidating accounts can spell simpler, easier investing. Moving them to Vanguard nudges the benefits bar even higher.

Get more for your money

Enjoy investment costs among the lowest in the industry

The average Vanguard mutual fund and ETF (exchange-traded fund) expense ratio is 83% less than the industry average.*

You'll enjoy no commissions to trade ETFs and Vanguard mutual funds online. And you can also choose from more than 160 no-transaction-fee Vanguard mutual funds and more than 3,000 funds from other companies to build the portfolio you want.

Our funds also come with no sales loads and no account service fees** when you register for secure access to our website and let us send account documents to you electronically.

Get lower costs & more personal attention as your account grows

As your overall Vanguard investment grows, you can look forward to decreasing costs and increasing levels of personalization and advice.

And if your focus is on actively managed mutual funds, you may become eligible for our lower-cost Admiral™ Shares as your investment in a specific fund increases.

Get personal, professional investment advice

Call us at 800-523-9442 to find out how partnering with a Vanguard financial advisor can help you reach your investment goals. A Vanguard advisor can provide customized investment advice based on your unique financial situation.


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Sales loads

A fee you pay when you buy an investment on the "front end" or sell it on the "back end."

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12b-1 fees

An annual fee charged by some funds to pay for marketing and distribution activites. Like a fund’s expense ratio, the fee is taken directly from fund assets, thus reducing shareholders’ total returns.

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A fee charged for making a transaction.

At Vanguard, no one gets paid a sales commission for putting you in one of our funds.

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Account service fees

A fee assessed each year on certain lower-balance mutual fund accounts and paid directly to the funds.

The fee helps offset the cost of serving accounts with smaller balances.

At Vanguard, you can avoid paying yearly account service fees by signing up for our e-service package.

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ETF (exchange-traded fund)

ETFs combine the diversification and professional management of a mutual fund with the trading flexibility and intraday pricing of an individual stock.