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When your transfer's complete, then what? Get the flexibility and help you need to make the most of your investments.

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It’s no surprise that we think low-cost Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are sensible choices to get your compounding clock ticking faster. And you can buy and sell both, commission-free, in a Vanguard Brokerage Account.

You can also select from a wide variety of other investments and still keep your costs low.

Make your money work harder with our funds

Vanguard funds offer experienced management and near-legendary low costs that leave more money in your account to grow and compound over time.*

And you'll get competitive long-term performance too: 89% of Vanguard funds performed better than their peer-group averages over the past 10 years.**

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Choose from a wide variety of non-Vanguard investment products too.

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Don't know what to do? Give us a call at 800-523-9442 for everyday investment questions, an overall portfolio review, or information about partnering with a Vanguard financial advisor.

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The snowball effect that happens when your earnings generate even more earnings, not only on your original investments, but also on any interest, dividends, and capital gains that accumulate. That means that your "money makes money" and can grow faster over time.

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ETFs (exchange-traded funds)

ETFs combine the diversification and professional management of a mutual fund with the trading flexibility and intraday pricing of an individual stock.