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An account transfer can be key to better control

Have accounts here, there, and everywhere? With a transfer of assets, you can treat yourself to the benefits of consolidation.

Clear the clutter & stay in charge

Simplify & diversify in one

Make it easier to keep your portfolio balanced and diversified when you consolidate with one company that offers a broad range of investment choices. Get more control and confidence too, especially when you consolidate with a company you can trust.

See the big picture

Get a clear, comprehensive view of your overall strategy. See right away whether you’re on track toward your goals. What’s working? What’s not? It’s all there in front of you.

Save on fees & costs

Use account transfers (also known as "asset transfers") to combine smaller accounts into one, and you could decrease your fees as your portfolio grows larger.

Save time

Recoup time—maybe your most valuable saving of all. Get back multiple hours when you don’t have to juggle multiple statements, tax reports, websites, passwords, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

Share better

Keep your family more informed today and prevent sending your heirs on a financial scavenger hunt.

Make it simpler for financial specialists to stay up to date too. Even professionals don't enjoy combing through paperwork. They may even charge you for doing it.

Ready to transfer?


Layer opened.

Account transfer or rollover?

It all hinges on where your money’s coming from.

Initiate an account transfer to move money from an IRA or other account held at another company into a new or existing IRA or other Vanguard account.

Initiate a rollover to move money from an employer-sponsored plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), into a new or existing Vanguard IRA®.