How guaranteed income fits in your portfolio

Having some income that's guaranteed, not subject to market ups and downs, can be an important part of a successful retirement. You'll likely have a level of guaranteed income already from the federal Social Security program. For an additional source of guaranteed income, you may want to consider an insurance product that provides regular payments.

Do you need additional income?

An annuity may be right for you if you:

  • Want a guaranteed income stream you cannot outlive.*
  • Need more income than you may be receiving currently.
  • Can buy an annuity and still have other funds for investing, emergencies, or unanticipated purchases.
  • Aren't sufficiently covered by a traditional defined benefit pension plan.

Resources to help you decide

Use our life expectancy and retirement income calculators to help
you decide whether you need an additional source of retirement

Plan for a long retirement
When can I retire?


Learn more about immediate annuities
Case study: Fred chooses an annuity

Annuities for retirement income

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Guaranteed payments

Get secure, dependable income to
supplement your retirement savings.

Immediate fixed annuityObtain a quote**

Quotes are provided through Vanguard Annuity Access™ in collaboration with the Income Solutions® platform.

Guaranteed payments with growth potential

Get guaranteed retirement income that
can vary with market performance.

Immediate variable annuityObtain a quote

Quotes are provided by American General Life Companies.

Steady income, growth potential, and
market protection

Get guaranteed withdrawals (for an extra
cost) that can increase but never go down
(unless you exceed your annual
withdrawal amount, which could reduce or
eliminate the benefit provided by the

Deferred variable annuity with
Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal
Vanguard Variable Annuity brochure and application

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