Add to your retirement savings with a deferred annuity

If you've already contributed the maximum to your 401(k), IRA, or other qualified retirement plan, there's a way to save more—and save on taxes. Consider a deferred annuity, with either a variable or fixed rate, and pay no taxes until you withdraw money in later years.

How deferred annuities work

A deferred annuity can be a smart way to build extra savings for retirement.

  • You can put more money away than you can with other retirement accounts.
  • In most instances, your earnings can accumulate longer because there are no requirements for withdrawals. Note: Required minimum distributions could still apply if you roll over assets from a qualified retirement plan or IRA.
  • You can add to your deferred annuity and withdraw assets from it at any time.*
  • You can convert the annuity assets into periodic payments—or simply make withdrawals as you wish.

Two types

Deferred variable annuity

Offers the potential for higher returns based on the annuity's underlying investment options.

Deferred fixed annuity

Provides the stability of a fixed return, much like a certificate of deposit (CD).

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Vanguard Variable Annuity

With its low costs, no surrender charges, and a popular income option, the Vanguard Variable Annuity stands out from the rest.

Low costs

The Vanguard Variable Annuity's average annual costs are more than 70% below the industry average.** See how you can benefit »

No sales loads or surrender charges

We sell our annuity directly to the public. There are no sales loads or surrender charges.

A variety of investment portfolios

We offer 17 stock, bond, and money market portfolios designed for almost any goal. View our portfolios »


Feel confident knowing that your annuity is issued by highly rated insurers.†

An income option

By choosing the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit rider (for an extra cost), you can turn your Vanguard Variable Annuity into a dependable stream of income for retirement.†† Learn more »

Already have an annuity? Transfer and save

If you have a variable annuity outside of Vanguard, you may be paying too much. You can transfer nonqualified (after-tax) assets from a higher cost annuity to the Vanguard Variable Annuity through a tax-free 1035 exchange.

Remember that before you decide to switch to another annuity, including the Vanguard Variable Annuity, you should consider all costs, such as annual maintenance fees, surrender charges, death benefits, and the financial strength of the insurance carrier.

Use our cost calculator to see your potential savings.

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We can help

When you're ready to buy or transfer an annuity, we'll make it easy. Talk to our licensed specialists for assistance.

Call us at 800-357-4720.

Deferred Fixed Annuity

If a fixed interest rate is more important to you than the potential for higher returns that you could get with a variable annuity, consider a deferred annuity with a fixed interest rate.

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Get a quote now

Vanguard Annuity Access™, in collaboration with the Income Solutions® platform, provides you with quotes in minutes from well-known insurance companies, as well as comparisons of annuity features.

To obtain a quote, Vanguard clients should log on to All others should call 800-357-4720. Our noncommissioned, licensed specialists can assist you in making a purchase.

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