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Vanguard Family Matters for Flagship Select clients

You and your heirs can take advantage of Vanguard Family Matters®, our family legacy planning program.

A holistic approach to wealth management

To help high-net-worth families take a holistic approach to planning for wealth transfer, we created Vanguard Family Matters—a philosophy for how we believe families should approach their wealth.

Family Matters is centered around three pillars:

  • Preparing family members for successful wealth transfer by educating them about carrying on family goals and values.
  • Getting the investment knowledge needed so that all family members are prepared to handle the important financial matters that come with significant wealth.
  • Creating a wealth plan by reviewing all of the various components of your financial situation to ensure that everyone in the family pursues consistent objectives.

Creating your family legacy

A graphic showing the three components that create your family legacy: preparing family members, getting investment knowledge, and creating a wealth plan

Why a holistic approach?

Wealth management has many moving parts. There's the investment side, with components like your investment philosophy, financial portfolio, and real estate.

Then you have the estate planning portion, which includes things like trusts, philanthropic goals, life insurance, and long-term care.

And finally, there's the personal side of wealth, which includes communicating values, establishing governance, and understanding family dynamics.

All of these are important pieces of an overall wealth plan. And when you look at them as a whole, you realize that any change to one of them has consequences for the rest.

You can think of it like a Rubik's Cube: When you move one side of the cube, you affect the rest of the puzzle. In the same way, making a minor change to an estate plan could have ramifications for investments.

Empowerment through planning

Research conducted by the Institute for Preparing Heirs has shown that fewer than a third of families who inherit significant wealth are able to sustain it. But if you employ a holistic philosophy like Family Matters, we believe your family will be positioned for success.

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