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Technical FAQs—Other issues (connection problems, broken links, and more)

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Why do I get the message "Warning: Page Has Expired"?

Typically, you'll receive this message if you attempt to take action in a secure area after your secure session ends. The message may also appear if you use your browser's Back or Forward buttons to navigate through secure areas. We recommend against using those buttons to navigate.

For security reasons, we end your session automatically if you've been inactive for 15 minutes. We also prompt you to log on again after 45 minutes of continuous website use.

Why can't I connect to at work?

This is most likely due to your company's internet firewall settings. Many employers put such restrictions in place to protect their networks. Contact your network administrator for information.

If your computer is always connected to the internet (through a cable modem or DSL line, for example), a firewall is recommended. If you're using a standard dial-up connection (through America Online, for example), your computer has a much lower level of risk.

Home computer firewalls may also prevent you from accessing your Vanguard accounts online. You may want to consider disabling your firewall temporarily.

Other steps you can take:

Why does nothing happen when I click a link?

This most frequently occurs when your computer or web browser has ad-blocking or popup-blocking software installed. These programs can prevent both requested and nonrequested popup windows from opening and can occasionally interfere with other JavaScripts on our site. Signs that you have a popup blocker installed include your computer making a noise when you try to click a link and nothing is displayed, a small window flashing a notification in the bottom-right corner of your screen, or an information bar displayed at the top of your web browser window. Many ad blockers and popup stoppers don't give notification that they are running; the link simply fails to load.

Vanguard uses popup windows in various areas of our site, including the fund information pages, prospectus and literature pages, transaction processing pages, and the Open an Account pages. For specific instructions on disabling popup blockers built into your web browser, please see How do I disable my popup blocker?

In addition to popup blockers causing links on our site to not respond, you may find that your web browser's settings could be interfering with our website. We design our site to work with the default settings on most web browsers. If you have set your web browser's security settings to "high"; blocked cookies, JavaScript, or other scripting components; added to a restricted-sites list; or installed extra security software such as Windows Defender on your computer, you may see unexpected behavior on our website. Please set your browser's Internet Options or Preferences back to the default settings and try the links or features again. If you continue to experience issues, please contact us.

What can I do if my printer isn't printing a form correctly?

Certain HP model printers may render Adobe PDF documents as "garbled" text. If this happens, you can resolve the problem by following these instructions:

1. Select the print icon at the top of your form:

2. Select the Advanced button at the bottom of the print window:

3. Check the box marked Print as image and click OK:

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Need additional assistance?