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Voice verification

Access your account by phone securely and conveniently using Vanguard Voice Verification

Get safe, fast, account access with voice verification

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How does voice verification work?

When you sign up for this service, you'll be asked to repeat a series of phrases. The system captures your vocal characteristics and makes a "voice verification print" that's as unique as your fingerprints. The next time you call us, you'll be prompted to identify yourself and repeat your voice passphrase instead of answering security questions.

How does it save me time?

This voice recognition system is an effective method of verifying your identity and makes it possible for you to perform many transactions by phone. You can also speak directly with an investment professional without having to first answer security questions.

Does it take long to sign up?

Enrolling in Vanguard Voice Verification is free and it only takes a few minutes.


Monitoring for fraudulent activity

Vanguard has systems to help spot possible criminal activities. Contact us immediately at 877-223-6977 if you believe your account has been compromised.

Our online fraud policy
Our commitment regarding online security is simple. If assets are taken from your account in an unauthorized online transaction on—and you've followed the steps described in the "Your responsibilities" section of our online fraud policy—we'll reimburse the assets taken from your account in the unauthorized transaction.

When you call us

When you call Vanguard, we'll take steps to ensure we've verified your identity before discussing personal and financial information. We'll ask you to verify personal information, which may include your security questions you selected as part of the web registration process. You may also request that we ask you for an enhanced password of your choice over the phone every time you call for extra verification. You can also verify your identity using the sound of your voice when you sign up for Vanguard Voice Verification™.

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