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How Vanguard protects your assets

Vanguard's reputation for expert asset management is well known. But behind the scenes, we're just as committed to protecting the data of our millions of individual, financial advisor, and institutional clients.

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Video transcript

Welcome to the Vanguard Security Center. Online privacy is on everybody's mind these days, and with good reason. The news carries many stories about hacked accounts and other online security violations. Increasingly, many of the people in our own lives are affected. As a Vanguard investor we want you to know how seriously we take this threat and how hard we're working to protect you against it.

Vanguard's reputation for asset management is well-known, but back here behind the scenes we are just as committed to protecting the data of our millions of individual, financial advisor, and institutional clients. When it comes to online security, we are your security partner.

As a global company, we guard against, and intercept, information security threats 24/7, around the world.

Our security systems are extensive--automatically tracking and safeguarding all transactions. At Vanguard, we monitor and protect about a million attempts to log on to our website every day.

And our Vanguard security crew is dedicated to the cause of online security. After all, our money is invested here too!

We know that the best defense is being proactive. So we help our investors to establish and maintain secure transactions up front, with valuable information, updated procedures, and careful authentication . . . to avoid security issues in the first place.

But--when there is an issue, we are here to help resolve that issue as quickly and easily as possible.

Sadie's story
"A client was worried about the security of her Vanguard account because her email was recently compromised. I verified that her account information was up-to-date. I also helped her add additional security layers on her account, on the web and when she calls in to Vanguard."

Darya's story
"A client contacted Vanguard after receiving notification that his online account access had been locked. The fraud department explained to him that they had proactively locked his account because of a suspicious phone call to our call center. The client understood why the account was locked and was happy that the investigator took the time to explain the situation and address all of his concerns."

Owen's story
"After a large retail chain's network was breached, a number of clients asked if the security of their Vanguard accounts were also affected. We explained that a simple thing to do was to make sure that their user name and password were different on their Vanguard account than their other online accounts."

You can be sure that we are always here, that we are watching all online transactions, and that we are here to protect investor assets and data in any and every way that we can. But remember . . . security is a partnership. Our efforts are most effective when you do your part too. We depend on you to protect yourself first by securing your online identity . . . keeping your computer up-to-date . . . using up-to-date anti-virus software . . . monitoring your accounts on a regular basis . . . and being very careful with respect to the use of public Wi-Fi.

Check in at our online Security Center often to see the latest safeguards and tips.

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