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General security questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about account security with valuable information on how to partner with Vanguard to protect your account.

Answers to your questions about account security

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What can I do to protect my financial account?

What should I do if there's unusual activity on my account?

Call us at 877-223-6977 or send an email to

Why do I need to know the answers to my security questions?

You'll need to know your answers in order to validate your identity, like when you call with questions about your account or need help resetting your password.

What steps should I take to protect my account?

We recommend that you:

  • Review your account at least monthly.
  • Set up account activity alerts.
  • Request credit reports.
  • Pay attention to mail and email notifications from us.
  • Check your online contact information.
  • Keep your user name and password private.

I forgot my user name. What should I do?

Provide us with a few key pieces of information, and we can help you recover your user name. Recover your user name

I forgot my password. What should I do?

We can either email you a temporary password or send a security code to your phone (if you're enrolled in our security code service). With either option, you'll be asked to update your password after we verify your identity. Reset your password

Remember that your permanent password must contain:

  • 6 to 20 characters.
  • At least 2 numbers.
  • At least 2 letters (case-sensitive).
  • Fortify your password with special characters.

Which browsers work securely with Vanguard's website?

How can I secure my mobile devices?

Why does Vanguard use cloud services?

Taking advantage of cloud services technology is a key component of Vanguard's current and future IT strategy. Using the cloud allows us to quickly deploy and share software globally without building multiple data centers. Partnering with cloud services providers also improves our business agility and helps us deliver value to clients faster by:

  • Reducing risk. Our cloud services providers provide robust resiliency and security capabilities. They also maintain and support a large number of domestic and international security and compliance certifications. We've also ensured that all production data that Vanguard creates in or migrates to the cloud is encrypted. Lastly, our cloud service providers provide additional protections against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to help ensure our services stay available.
  • Scaling easier to meet client demand. Using cloud services allows us to take advantage of the billions of dollars that cloud service providers have invested in their infrastructures to reduce our development time and operational costs.
  • Lowering costs. Cloud services providers only bill Vanguard for time used. So by allocating server resources on-demand and also de-allocating resources, we can save money. Also, based on our expected operational projections over the next several years, we plan to take advantage of our cloud service provider's enterprise discount programs and pass along those savings to our clients.


Monitoring for fraudulent activity

Vanguard has systems to help spot possible criminal activities. Contact us immediately at 877-223-6977 if you believe your account has been compromised.

Our online fraud policy
Our commitment regarding online security is simple. If assets are taken from your account in an unauthorized online transaction on—and you've followed the steps described in the "Your responsibilities" section of our online fraud policy—we'll reimburse the assets taken from your account in the unauthorized transaction.

When you call us

When you call Vanguard, we'll take steps to ensure we've verified your identity before discussing personal and financial information. We'll ask you to verify personal information, which may include your security questions you selected as part of the web registration process. You may also request that we ask you for an enhanced password of your choice over the phone every time you call for extra verification. You can also verify your identity using the sound of your voice when you sign up for Vanguard Voice Verification™.

Suspect fraud?

Have a security question?

Call 888-353-0547

Monday through Friday