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Suspect fraud?

If you think your accounts could be compromised, we want to know.

We need to know immediately if you've been a victim of fraud. Please take the following steps:

Contact Vanguard immediately.

Contact us at 877-223-6977 or send an e-mail to

Conduct a full virus scan on all your computers and mobile devices.

You need to make sure you've removed any malicious code from your computers and devices before completing the next steps.

Change your credentials on all websites you log on to.

This includes your user name, password, and security questions. Also remember to change your email and social media accounts.

Alert the three major credit bureaus.

These companies monitor your credit activity and can block people from opening accounts using your information. Contact each credit bureau below:

Equifax External site

Experian External site

TransUnion External site

Have you been a victim of identity theft?

If you've had your identity stolen within the last 12 months, and you're a Vanguard client, contact us immediately. You can send an email to and include your name, the circumstances of the criminal activity, and a phone number where we can reach you. Or, call us at 877-223-6977 and provide the answers to the same questions. We'll begin investigating your concerns as soon as we receive your information, even if we don't get back to you right away.

Identity theft occurs when a criminal steals your personal information to access your accounts or open new accounts under your name. Some common ways unauthorized people can get your information include breaking into your house, intercepting your postal mail or email, sending phishing emails, and using the shared credentials of a family member.

For more information on identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website. You'll get more information about this crime, see some helpful tips about how to protect yourself, and read about the latest scams.

Do you suspect phishing?

If you received an email claiming to be from Vanguard requesting your private information, please forward it to immediately and let us know if you clicked any of the links in the message and/or entered your personal information on a website.

Want more information?

Suspect fraud?

Call 877-223-6977

Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Eastern time