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Actively managed funds could help beat the market

Tap into the experience of top money managers from Vanguard and around the world.

What are actively managed funds?

When a fund is actively managed, a portfolio manager chooses the fund's investments using a combination of in-depth research, market forecasting, experience, and expertise.

Get low-cost, top-quality actively managed funds

Low costs that could lead to higher returns

Because high fees can reduce the return on any portfolio, we do everything we can to keep them at a minimum—including the expense ratios for our actively managed funds.

And it's working: Our average actively managed fund expense ratio is 71% less than the industry average.*

Diligent fund management

With more than $4.9 trillion** in assets under management, Vanguard's size and reputation allow us to offer you access to premier money managers. We focus on three primary areas:

Expert Vanguard managers

Our internal fund managers represent the best in the industry in their specific fields. You'll find this most often with our money market, bond, and index funds.

Premier global partners

We partner with more than two dozen firms around the globe to draw on their diverse talents in specialized segments of the domestic and international markets.

Extensive oversight

Whether the fund is managed by Vanguard or on our behalf, our Portfolio Review Department conducts rigorous, ongoing oversight to make sure each fund sticks to its objectives and mandates.


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Market benchmark

An unmanaged group of securities whose overall performance is used as a standard to measure investment performance.