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Make your next move to Vanguard actively managed funds

Under the radar

Over the past 10 years, 88% of our actively managed funds performed better than their peer-group averages. And when our funds outperform, you have the opportunity to earn more.*

Surprised at our success with actively managed funds? See how they can help you diversify your portfolio.

Actively managed funds aren't new to us ...

Actively managed funds have been a significant part of our history going back to our start in 1975. In fact, our first 11 mutual funds were actively managed.

... and they've been quietly growing

The numbers tell the story of how we've become one of the largest managers of actively managed funds in the world. Today, we manage more than $1.3 trillion in active assets.**

Explore our active funds

You've known us for leading the indexing revolution. But we recognize some investors follow different paths to financial success.

That's why we offer more than 70 U.S.-based actively managed funds, spanning a range of stock, bond, and balanced funds in U.S. and international investments.

Find an actively managed fund to suit your goals

Not a Vanguard client yet?

Outperformance by design

Our diligent selection of talent—paired with our consistent investment approach and a client-first focus—sets our actively managed funds apart.

Access premier money managers

Our size and reputation allow us to carefully select partners from across the globe. We build deep relationships with their investment teams and continually evaluate their performance.

Trust in our disciplined investment approach

Because creating long-term value matters to you, we pursue the funds' objectives without taking excessive risk.

Benefit from client-first decision-making

We tie our fund managers' pay directly to the long-term performance of the funds they oversee, leading to sound decision-making that puts your interests first.

Invest in actively managed funds the Vanguard way

Having an appropriate asset allocation is the foundation of any investment portfolio. Then you can tackle the next phase—choosing specific funds.

Have realistic expectations

Actively managed funds can add value to your portfolio because they offer an opportunity for outperformance. But be mindful—there's also the possibility they may underperform.

Diversify your assets

By partnering actively managed funds with index funds, you can broaden diversification in your overall portfolio.

Invest for the long term

Strategically choose actively managed funds for your portfolio with your long-term goals in mind, ignoring short-term market volatility.


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The strategy of investing in multiple asset classes and among many securities in an attempt to lower overall investment risk.

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The sum total of all your investments.

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What do we mean by "actively managed funds"?

When a fund is actively managed, a portfolio manager hand-picks the fund's investments. The goal is to earn returns that beat a specific market benchmark.

A chance to outperform

Actively managed funds provide something indexing can't—the chance to outperform the fund's benchmark. The benchmark is an unmanaged group of stocks or bonds whose overall performance is used to measure an investment's performance. We call this "alpha."

The benefit of an active manager

The fund manager uses in-depth research, market forecasting, experience, and expertise to select investments (the manager oversees the fund for you, but does not manage your individual investment portfolio).

The opportunity to broaden diversification

One actively managed fund can hold dozens of stocks and bonds—many more than you'd generally buy on your own.

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Asset allocation

The way your account is divided among different asset classes, including stock, bond, and short-term or "cash" investments. Also known as "asset mix."