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Benefits & costs


As your Vanguard accounts grow, so will your access to more personal attention, lower costs, and other special benefits.

Up to $1 million

Get the guidance and cost savings you need to manage and help grow your money.

Starting at $1 million

Get the personal attention and benefits you need to support a large investment portfolio.

Starting at $5 million

Get the extensive wealth management services you'd expect as a high-net-worth Vanguard client.

Costs, fees & minimums

Your accounts can work harder for you when they're not dragged down by high costs.

Commission-free trades

You'll pay $0 commission when you buy or sell any Vanguard mutual fund or ETF (exchange-traded fund) in your Vanguard account—online or by phone. And your online trades for non-Vanguard ETFs are also commission-free.

Minimum investments

Start investing in Vanguard mutual funds with as little as $1,000.

Or buy any Vanguard ETF® for just the price of one share.

Get details on fees and minimums for:

Account conveniences

Making good investment decisions can be tricky enough. Handling your accounts should be the easy part.