How to gift assets

Giving assets to charities, family, and friends is now easier than ever. Complete your gift to an eligible recipient in minutes using our new digital experience!

Send a gift and make an impact today

Gifting in-kind allows you to give assets, like shares or securities, without receiving full consideration of your gift in return. You can gift directly from any Vanguard nonretirement account to any nonretirement account within or outside of Vanguard. If you're looking to transfer assets between Vanguard nonretirement accounts you own, visit our internal transfers page!

Account eligibility

Currently, you can gift from any Vanguard nonretirement account.

Gifting methods

Use shares or dollar amount, and choose cost basis options.

Processing time

Submissions take about 1-3 business days. Times for outside firms may vary.

You can donate to an individual, like a friend or family member—such as a child with an UGMA/UTMA account—or a charitable organization. If you're sending a gift outside of Vanguard, you'll need to have the name of the firm, DTC (Depository Trust Company) number of the firm, name on the receiving account, and account number to complete your request. If the gift is going to a Vanguard client, just ask the person or charity managing the account for their Vanguard account number, found on an account statement under profile & account settings while logged in.

After an online gift submission is made, it typically takes 1-3 business days to process, however, this time may vary depending on where you are sending the gift. Outside firms can take up to 5-7 business days. Note: The value of your gift will be determined on the day we process your request, not when you submit it online.

In 2024, gifts over $18,000 to an individual recipient, like a family member or friend, or a charitable organization, in a calendar year could face tax implications. If you and your spouse are gifting to the same recipient, this annual exclusion amount in 2024 is $18,000 for you and your spouse—for a total of $36,000. It’s important to remember that your online gift submission must be successfully completed at least 3 business days prior to the last business day of the calendar year for tax purposes. The gift recipient may also have tax considerations. If they choose to sell the assets you have gifted to them in-kind, they may pay income tax on gains (the difference in basis in the property from your original purchase price). The IRS uses fair market value when determining the value of your gifts for tax purposes. To learn more about whether the gift tax applies to you or your recipient's situation, consult a tax advisor or go to