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Vanguard leaders and specialists offer their insights on wealth management and family legacy planning.

Legacy planning

How family meetings can support your wealth and legacy plans

Ashley Parriott

Meetings provide a practical and sustainable framework for families to talk about complex financial questions … Read more

Family movie night offers a lesson in managing wealth across generations

Heather Winslow-Walker

What an 8-year-old left to fend for himself can teach us about the successful transfer of wealth … Read more

Personal finance

Preparing your kids for financial success—an age-based guide

Paul White

Take advantage of teachable moments to prepare your children … Read more

Make financial planning a team effort

Sarah Hind

Financial planning with your partner can help ensure alignment and confidence along the way … Read more

Talking to your kids about wealth: How & when to begin

Jill Marshall

Have money conversations sooner rather than later … Read more

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