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Tax-deferred retirement savings with the Vanguard Variable Annuity

If you're considering an annuity to help you save more for retirement, look to the Vanguard Variable Annuity,
issued by Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company and, in New York State only, by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company.

What you'll get with the Vanguard Variable Annuity

Low fees. The average costs for the Vanguard Variable Annuity are more than 70% lower than the industry average for variable annuities. That difference can save you an average of $1,700 a year in fees for every $100,000 you invest.* And there are no sales loads or surrender charges.

Highly rated insurers. Both Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company have high ratings for financial strength from the leading independent rating agencies and stand behind the guarantee of payments for life.**

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Control over your investments. When investing in the Vanguard Variable Annuity, you can choose from a diverse lineup of stock, bond, and money market portfolios, many of which are index-based and built from Vanguard mutual funds. If your investment strategy or financial goals change over time, you can exchange assets among portfolios without paying a fee or triggering a taxable event.

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We can help you decide if transferring to the Vanguard Variable Annuity is the right option for you.

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Flexibility to draw income when you're ready. If you plan to use your variable annuity as a source of income in retirement, the Vanguard Variable Annuity offers you several options.

If you want guaranteed income without giving up control of your assets or the potential for growth, consider a Vanguard Variable Annuity with the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit rider, which can be added anytime (up to age 90) for an additional fee. This rider offers you the flexibility to start and stop payments according to your needs—and the assurance that your income is protected even if the market declines.†

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Another way to get a secure income stream is to annuitize your Vanguard Variable Annuity. With this option, you surrender future access to the value of the account in exchange for guaranteed payments that can last for the rest of your life or for a set period that you choose.† Or, if you simply want to withdraw from your annuity over time, you can do that too. The Vanguard Variable Annuity doesn't have any surrender charges, so you can access your savings at any time without paying a fee. However, you may be subject to taxes and penalties on the withdrawal of any tax-deferred earnings if you're under age 59½.

More about the Vanguard Variable Annuity

Who should consider this annuity?
Investors who have contributed the maximum to other tax-favored accounts (IRAs and retirement plans), are looking for more tax-deferred savings, and want the potential for growth through exposure to the financial markets.

How will my money be invested?
Your money will be invested in your choice of Vanguard stock, bond, and money market portfolios.

What are the costs?
The Vanguard Variable Annuity's average annual cost is 0.52%.* There are no sales commissions or withdrawal penalties (also known as surrender charges).

When can I make withdrawals?
You can withdraw assets whenever you wish.††

What guarantee do I have for my annuity contract?
All product guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuer, Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company and, in New York State only, Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, both of which are highly rated for financial strength.

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